Critical Thinking and Lying My Ass Off

The greatest course I ever took was Critical Thinking and The History of Ancient Philosophy. The disappointment was that I was 17 and had to wait that many years before exposure. 30 years later I’m more disappointed that it took an illiterate man to help me enjoy the smell of the ocean. I had smelled it all my life but he helped me to find even more. If course I’m bullshitting. Thanks to literacy no one who would be offended by this would even read it. I wonder what other people are writing?

All American Liar!
All American Liar!

And herein that is the key. What had prevented me for so many years from re-writing my drivel again and again. I’m too afraid to really be honest. Like all of my 4 readers in this world would care and catch 22, who would be interested in erudite narcissism?

But you and I have to come down to the chalk board and take a chance to put our thoughts down anyway. The troll regularly puts his or her thoughts down and we wonder why there is no filter. The filter is not there because the troll is narcissistic and afraid at the same time.

In the case of making you think and the thoughts that are developing sometime it is best not to share a blurb but to share some complete thoughts and the logic with which you bent them from. Phew! That is a mouth full.

Alina, Always Inspired Life
Alina, Always Inspired Life

One of my daughters, Alina, writes exactly what is on her mind! You can see her blog here: She has taught me to be inspired and not give a hoot about others negative thoughts. She also is not a cursing blogger.  That means that she is thinking about getting you to think without rubbing your nose in poo. So what’s the lesson? The lesson is that she did not write anything blog wise before 2014 and then she wrote more than I ever have blog wise.

Alina came here from another country and she barely spoke english. She was no dummy. She went directly to high school and graduated with her peers. Now she writes more than those who grew up in this country ever will. If you ever met her in her business you would never know she was bilingual. She has a southern accent.

So back to the critical thinking and lying my ass off. It’s ok to write. Get it done. You just might get an audience. Or you might not. At least you will have the advantage of putting out thoughts and having those thoughts exposed for you to review and grow from. I decided that I was a writer at the age of sixteen (1986). I could barely spell. I had failed 9th grade twice. I was getting ready to fail for a third year.

I decided that I could do it and I did. You are a liar, dreamer or a planner. You can tell a story and let it be known it is a story. You can build a model and then execute action to make it real. Whatever “no” is in your head. Burry it in the back yard.


Author: Alexander Nuttall

Constructive Technology Aggregate, Writer, and Buddhist, Alexander Nuttall resides in Portsmouth, Virginia. He has a regular daily practice of 30 minute meditation in the morning and evening. He has recently been working on Apriori Flower.