Apriori Flower 20161211

Apriori Flower feat 20161211 (c) OgFOMK ArTS

High Minded and Regular Things

Apriori Flower 20161211 (c) OgFOMK ArTS
Apriori Flower 20161211 (c) OgFOMK ArTS


Our practice is a revolution. Our practice is a volition. Our practice is the number one thing that leads us to happiness.

Nothing will replace the practice that we have. We may build on it. We may reject it. We still have to deal with all that we are. We still have to deal with all that we have done.

There are high minded things like philosophy and there are regular things like picking up leaves. We tidy our homes. We say hello to our neighbors. We clean our bodies. No matter how high minded our views are we still have to do ordinary things. These things with mindful practice lead to happiness.

Sharing the practice with another who is also engaged in mindful training is good. Sharing mindfulness by being mindful is always good. You will always be better when you are focused on your practice.

Author: Alexander Nuttall

Constructive Technology Aggregate, Writer, and Buddhist, Alexander Nuttall resides in Portsmouth, Virginia. He has a regular daily practice of 30 minute meditation in the morning and evening. He has recently been working on Apriori Flower.