Apriori Flower 20161209

Apriori Flower 20161209 - Feat (c) OgFOMK ArTS

The Cycle of Teacher and Student II

Apriori Flower 20161209 (c) OgFOMK ArTS
Apriori Flower 20161209 (c) OgFOMK ArTS


The cycle of life is teacher and student. Many identities are uncovered, recovered and renewed. The lessons are the same. Over and over we learn and relearn. Eventually we wake to this and we strip down to the essence of life. Because of our actions and interactions, even when when we come to enlightened realization, we still succumb to life and death. The goal of meditation and good practice is to end the cycle of suffering. A good teacher will always show us this.

Queen is Baby King’s teacher and master. She learned her role through her teacher Master King Flower. In her growth and development she realized that Baby King was her teacher too! Her responsibility as a good mother is to pass on what Master King Flower taught her in the past. This life is dynamic. This life is always changing. There is nothing permanent here. Nibbana (Nirvana) is that.

Nibbana is the state of being that is not a state of being. All beings are temporary. All beings are subject to birth and death. Some say, “Do not get born if you do not want to die.” Others even say, “Do not die if you do not want to get born.” With mindful practice we release our suffering.

Author: Alexander Nuttall

Constructive Technology Aggregate, Writer, and Buddhist, Alexander Nuttall resides in Portsmouth, Virginia. He has a regular daily practice of 30 minute meditation in the morning and evening. He has recently been working on Apriori Flower.