Apriori Flower 20161204

Apriori Flower 20161204 - Feat (c) OgFOMK ArTS

The 4th Petal of the Corolla.

Apriori Flower 20161204 (c) OgFOMK ArTS
Apriori Flower 20161204 (c) OgFOMK ArTS


King asks about the 4th petal. What is it? Apriori provides an answer. The 4th Petal is also one of the Five Precepts of Training.

The king asks if truth is worth anything if it is harmful. Apriori strongly answers that truth is only good if it is helpful and does no harm. A lot of ideas are covered here.

Oversimplification of this tough topic means that we are guided by wisdom to act with compassion. Any encounter is a teaching moment for both the aggressor and the the target of his or her aggression. We all can not escape harm if it is directed toward is with premeditation. We can protect ourselves with mindful practice and by also protecting others with truth and without harmful speech.

Author: Alexander Nuttall

Constructive Technology Aggregate, Writer, and Buddhist, Alexander Nuttall resides in Portsmouth, Virginia. He has a regular daily practice of 30 minute meditation in the morning and evening. He has recently been working on Apriori Flower.