Apriori Flower 20161128

Apriori Flower 20161128 - Feat (c) OgFOMK ArTS

King Flower, the Master, teaches about practice.

Apriori Flower 20161128 (c) OgFOMK ArTS
Apriori Flower 20161128 (c) OgFOMK ArTS


Whatever we do in time is practice. There is good practice and bad practice. Everything that you and I do is practice. They say that practice makes perfect. They say that perfect practice makes for better. All activity is practice. So if you think that you are not practicing then you are practicing erratically.

Behavior is what we are doing in time. Even when there is not observable action in something there is still breathing, thinking and life. Life is the movement in time. Time is the observed movement. Practice always has results. Good practice brings good results and bad practice does the same. Meditation is learning to have good practice.

Author: Alexander Nuttall

Constructive Technology Aggregate, Writer, and Buddhist, Alexander Nuttall resides in Portsmouth, Virginia. He has a regular daily practice of 30 minute meditation in the morning and evening. He has recently been working on Apriori Flower.