What Will Happen When The Election Passes?

I learned a long time ago this about America, Russia, Uzbekistan, And other spots. I’ve served in the US Army National Guard and spoke with Generals, Command Sergeant Majors, subordinates and my fellow troops. I’ve served with State Troopers and Local Law enforcement. I’ve been a radical anarchist. I’ve prayed with Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus and Baptists.

Alexander Nuttall 13F USARNG 29ID
Alexander Nuttall 13F USARNG 29ID

I’ve grown up with poor and rich whites and poor and rich blacks. I’ve met many people. 99% of those who are on this planet are outstanding! We all will be just fine regardless of the outcome of this election. This whole fear train is exactly what a depressed minority would love for us all to worship.

Alex with Uzbek Police in Tashkent
Alex with Uzbek Police in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

There is a certain rhythm and culture to each and every area of the world. There in those individual areas there are yes and no items and lines that should not be crossed. There is also tolerance, love and compassion. Apathy is the disease of the depressed minority. This is the disease that is spread among good people.

Alex in Red Square, Moscow
Alex in Red Square, Moscow

How to fight this? Behave yourself. That is all you can do. You can only behave yourself and try to be an example. Show respect to everyone you meet. You will make friends. If you practice this your friends will always outnumber those who give you guff.

As an anarchist and atheist back in 1987 I was fed up with what I thought was the programming of White Protestant America. I had no idea that as a 17 year old young man that I was responsible. I was. I just didn’t know it yet. A glimmer of truth came to me from many directions. Ultimately it led me to the same truth. I am responsible for everything!

Punk Rock 1987
Punk Rock 1987

Lesson Number One: Punk Rock.

Punk was amazing because it was a do it yourself campaign. The whole D.I.Y was brilliant. It also led many folks to become skilled at the very things those folks protested. Go figure. Everyone had to learn how to balance the finances. Or not.

J. Krishnamurti, You Are The World
J. Krishnamurti, You Are The World

Lesson Number Two: You are the World.

J. Krishnamurti had a book that I will forever be grateful to have come across. It was a transcript of his lectures. You are the world. It is pretty simple. If you enjoy depression do not ever look for this book.

Brian Tracy, 100 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Business
Brian Tracy, 100 Absolute Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

Lesson Number Three: The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success.

Brain Tracy is an amazing fellow to get pumped up about. He has given away and charged for so many business strategy and life skill items. The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success was lent to me to read by an amazing man who was very educated. He was also very successful. He also told me that he believed everything in this book and that it would change my life. It did.

So that is it. What will happen when the election passes? It is everyone’s responsibility to make that determination, but it is my responsibility to make it happen. I will vote. I will be respectful to others. I will protect and be a steward to my family, home, city, state, country and planet to the best of my ability.

On the Elizabeth River, Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.
On the Elizabeth River, Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia.

The Low/No Paying Jobs of the Future

I’ve been thinking for a long time about this: We are either going to have no/low paying jobs in the future or we will all own our own businesses. We will all have to own our own businesses. How complicated is it for you to live now? You better get used to it.

Why we need to plan for a future without jobs
Why we need to plan for a future without jobs

That being said here is an interesting solution. Some may not like it but the reality is that our government is a welfare producing state. The military is the biggest benefit of this welfare. I love the military and I loved serving, but the amount of money that people depend on from the relationship of the military is staggering. Hampton Roads would not exist were it not for the military. This is a fact…. So why not have a universal basic income? Yep. Everyone should have a basic income.

Like how much does it cost to have minor drug offenders in prison? About $200,000 a year. I’d rather legalize drugs and give these cats $40,000 a year. This will probably end up as a blog post.

In the future you don’t have to have a job, because there really is not a job for you anyway. In the future the largest percentage of work will be low-paying medical care jobs. Our elders will need care. The other things will be done by automatons. There will be niche craft, but who can afford it?

Like who really can afford it now?

Just something to think about: Why we need to plan for a future without jobs

Republican Senator Herb Bateman Taught Me This

Herbert Bateman, Republican Congressman from Virginia
Herbert Bateman, Republican Congressman from Virginia

In 1988 I was going to Thomas Nelson Community College or as we referred to it at the time: “Harvard by the Highway”. I was 18 years old. I had a Mohawk. I was a member of the student council. I was a libertarian (read anarchist).

My best friend at the time was Raul. He was a Young Republican. Our mutual friend was Jim. He was a Young Democrat. We all met at a student government meeting. We had, as luck would find, all sat at the same table. We didn’t say much to each other before the meeting. Once the meeting began everyone was asked who they were and who they represented.

Jim introduced himself: “I am Jim Meisner and I am with the Young Democrats.”

Next was Raul: “I am Raul Carvajal and I am with the Young Republicans.”

I was the last in line at the table beside Raul. I had to think quick. I was not there with anyone. I was a Punk in a band called the K-9s. I was an anarchist. I said: “Hello, my name is Alex Nuttall and I am with the Libertarian Party.” I figured Libertarian was the most acceptable title for an anarchist.

Immediately Jim, Raul and I became friends. Three geeks who liked politics. Albeit dynamic discussions we got along quite well sometimes.

I was closest to Raul. He was a great friend. We had some very important talks. He told me that he did a paper one year on anarchism. He knew I was really an anarchist. He said that anarchism was closest to the Republican ideal than most people realized. Raul also gave me a Buddhist book that I have always appreciated. He said, “Alex, I think you will really like Buddhism. It’s not what other people say it is. Read about it.”

Jim and I were not so close. We locked horns like two mountain goats. One time he sent my ‘zine a letter telling me that anarchism had legal repercussions. I thought it was the dumbest smart letter I had ever gotten. Jim was an excellent writer and an extremely smart man. I published the letter in my ‘zine and shredded the logic as an epitaph to the letter. I thought I was very smart. I was an idiot who had access to a xerox machine.

As it happened Senator Herb Bateman came to our school for a political question and answer a few weeks later. This was sponsored by the Young Republicans. Rual said that I should attend and meet Mr. Bateman. After crying for 20 minutes on the uselessness of government and the evils of the Republican regime I said, “OK, I’ll go.”

I went to the meeting and listened to the pansy arguments and postulates of the students who were there. The Young Republicans were there kissing Herb’s ass. The Young Democrats were lamely debating the planks and platforms of Herb’s policy and the Republican king known as Ronald Reagan. After being a good boy and listening for 20 minutes I started to put my two-cents in.

“What about the legalization of Marijuana?” I asked. I was an avid reader of High Times magazine. I could care less about the subject. I never bought marijuana. (OK I did once, (twice, he is a compulsive liar –Ed.) but that’s another story)

I went on and said that marijuana was less dangerous than alcohol. More people were (and still are) killed by the use of alcohol and cigarettes. Herb rebutted with the “Our Culture” argument and that marijuana may be acceptable by other cultures but in ours cigarettes and tobacco were. They were the necessary acceptable evils. Herb was a very smart man.

I then countered with homosexual rights. We did not yet have Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell2 for the military. I went on about the evil war machine of the United States. (I later joined the Army in 1995.) Herb came back with great arguments to counter. I was livid, but I felt like at least he was listening to me.

After the forum. The Young Democrats and the Young Republicans got up, shook hands, patted each other on the back, and handed out compliments to themselves for erudition. Everyone, except Raul, looked at me like I was Satan. That’s when I learned one of the most valuable and humbling things in life. Herb Bateman walked up to me and extended his hand. I extended mine. He said, “Great job!” and smiled.

Herb Bateman died September 11, 2000. From that day that I debated him to his passing I always respected him. I even voted for him several times. When you meet a man or woman no matter what flag they are flying that impression of who they are will always be the dominant force. That’s what Herb Bateman taught me. He looked at me as another man.


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_H._Bateman
2. DADT Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed last December 2010.

Escape Anxiety or Depression Through Change

As much as escape sounds, albeit resounds, attractive it’s an emotional response to the uncomfortable. The best thing to do is pause and breathe. If there is the slightest hint of wanting to get away then you must change. Stop thinking and starting working on the problem.

Define the problem

Many years of tears can be avoided by writing down in a checklist whatever is bothering you. Keep it simple. If you have to brainstorm or if you just can not get to the definition then the the first step is to pause and breathe.

Now that you have paused and breathed let’s begin with ten words that describe your uncomfortable thought. The key is here. There is a difference between thinking and solving problems. While you are playing around in your mind without any action this is just thinking. The mind is a super device for solving problems.

The Mind Thinking of Solving
The mind is great for solving problems, otherwise it’s just thinking. Never take thinking too serious.

Thinking versus Solving

The mind is great for solving problems, otherwise it’s just thinking. Never take thinking too serious. This is why pausing and breathing is so important. The mind is an action organ. What is does it does well and what is does is solve problems. Unfortunately when there is no action related to the thought this becomes just thinking.

Here is an example of the mind solving problems:

If you are thinking about water and you are thirsty you get up and you go to the kitchen. In the kitchen you grab your pitcher of water and you pour it into a preselected glass. Upon pouring your realize by thought that the pitcher is empty. You go to the sink and you fill the pitcher with fresh water. After you fill the pitcher you notice that there is a spot of grease on the floor. You clean this up. Still aware of this thirst you drink your glass of water.

Here your mind is active and you are in the moment. Your thoughts are solving problems. Your mind is doing its job.

Solving Anxiety or Depression Through Change:

Let’s get back to your list. We just need ten things. Ten line items. That is it for now. We will call these issues. Below is an image and a link to a PDF so you can print this out or use it as a template for your exploration into solving your anxiety or depression through change. This means taking action.

Solving Anxiety of Depression Through Change Worksheet.
Solving Anxiety of Depression Through Change Worksheet.

Solving Anxiety of Depression Through Change Worksheet PDF

Using the Solving Anxiety of Depression Through Change PDF worksheet:
  1. List the Issue: Once you have your sheet ready. Just write one word for the title of the Issue.  Go down the list and do this for each issue that comes up. There may be many more. This is just a little house cleaning to get started.
  2. Define each Issue: Your issues have been listed now give each one a definition. Keep it simple. If you need more space you can return to this issue later.
Breath and Pause:

Once your sheet is complete it will be time to breath and pause. This is a very important step because your mind and your breath run on the same power. It is true that when you are experiencing anxiety, stress or depression your breathing can become erratic. Conversely your breath when you put your mind on it will become calm. This is a little exercise that has tremendous results.

Do this for about 5 minutes.

With regards to your anxiety or depression you may hear that “It is just in your mind.” This may be true but as a human being you are still caught in this life with many problems that must be solved. Taking action is about solving those problems. The solution may infact be to let them go one by one. Without a snapshot you may let go and then the issue returns again and again. There is a reason we have cave paintings, graffitti and manuscripts. This is how we humans have made plans and taken action.

Reprint or Make a new sheet by hand:

Back to action. Now look at your first list of issues and definitions. Pick the first item. With your new piece of paper cross out the words “Anxiety or Depression” and write over this what your first issue is.

What you are doing is you are throwing away a generic term for your discomfort and you are specifying what that anxiety or depression is. Now you are segueing from thinking to problem solving.

  1. Print: Print a new sheet or write a new one
  2. Cross Out Generic Title: Cross out the words “Anxiety or Depression” and put the issue that you are going to work on. The new title should read: Solving Anxiety or Depression through Change: Where the line is crossed out you are putting your own issue that you are solving. This is taking action.
  3. List each issue: As before you are now breaking down each issue into small parts.
  4. Define each Issue: Again for each issue of the greater issue you are defining the scope.
  5. Take your time: Now you can alternate the pause and breath with each step. You can do this anytime. This is your break.
  6. Once completed do another issue: Go back to your original sheet. Look at another issue. Tackle this one the same way. Tackle every issue into a sub-sheet of issues. Break down the issues from your first sheet into sub-issues on second sheets.
  7. Organize your sheets: Get a binder and put your first sheet as the table of contents. Each issue will be a chapter. The second sheets for each issue will be the index of issues for each chapter. You are well on your way to changing issues to problems solved.

You may infact suffer from a great monster of a problem. You may be caught in a place where you feel powerless. This could be something where you need more work. You may need professional help. The above exercise regardless of where you go next will help.

This is a snapshot of where you are. Now that you have seen it it has already begun to change. Instead of being overwhelmed now you are taking action. This is the beginning. This is today. This is right now.

Try this. You will not be disappointed.


Most People are Not Mean

New York City 20150904
New York City could be a place mottled by mean people but the reality is that its full of cooperation. That’s why a terrorist attack is an unskilled action rewarded by little more that pissing off the co-op. It just makes the co-op stronger.

When you look at the long address of mankind, most people are not mean. They may not necessarily know what they are doing. Most of them/us don’t know what we are doing. For example New York City could be a place mottled by mean people but the reality is that its full of cooperation. That’s why a terrorist attack is an unskilled action rewarded by little more that pissing off the co-op. It just makes the co-op stronger.

An exercise in mindfulness is always good. Letting go of mean is a great thing. Mean is just a waste of time and energy. Mean is the miniskirt of fear.

Without considering what we are doing we can be a wrapper of meanness. Critical observation of others, mindless embarking, and just negligent travel time can all end up with a reward on lapel as “mean.”

Unskilled Network Line Installation
Like an unskilled network line installation in a retail store. You look up and there it is like a sore thumb. Almost a juvenile terrorist attack. Being a selfish journey across a cooperative ceiling aesthetic it begs for removal.  It is neither good, nor evil, but it begs to the skilled co-op to be removed.

There is a question sometimes as to what exactly the results of our behavior are. Good, evil, they are labels. What is good for some is not good for others. There is something that can be considered outside of the fray of labels. Skillful and unskillful are those conditions that rise above the good and evil patchwork of the day. Like an unskilled network line installation in a retail store. You look up and there it is like a sore thumb. Almost a juvenile terrorist attack. Being a selfish journey across a cooperative ceiling aesthetic it begs for removal. It is neither good, nor evil, but it begs to the skilled co-op to be removed.

Little Lizard Near Atlanta, GA
A perspective is important because there you evaluate where you have been. Observations by others are meaningless unless they are coaching you along. No matter what, it is your journey. You must hone your skill.

Loving to be the very model of some skillful means this writer fails miserably from that condition. Here we find guilt lurking, regret forming and so here is fear with her miniskirt, again. Its the fashion of all trained actors to be in costume according to the training received via Mom, Dad, television, silver screen or environment. A perspective is important because there you evaluate where you have been. Observations by others are meaningless unless they are coaching you along. No matter what, it is your journey. You must hone your skill.

Crown Plaza Downtown Atlanta
Looking down from the perch of hindsight.

Looking down from the perch of hindsight. You can remove the mean not from others but from yourself. That is the key here. Examine the causes and effects of your unskillful meanderings and soon enough there is a respite from the turmoil of mean. The greatest place to be is as far from it as possible. Become skilled in observation and the mistakes made by you and others begin to become the negotiation of a superior martial art. There is no room for hurt. There is no room for mean.

Blamming the Banks or Buying the Problem of Overdraft Fees

Banks and Credit Unions
The Mean Old Bank

I remember the days before overdraft protection. I think I wrote about 20 bad checks before then. I also remember sending money orders, cashiers checks or cash in person to fix those issues or better yet! as was the case of NetZero, AOL and some other service I just got them stop via the great neglect.

I had become an individual who knew I didn’t have the money to spend but I did it anyway because I bought what I didn’t need and to hell with the future.

Then came overdraft protection. For years I spent nearly a thousand dollars a year on fees. I had no self esteem. I lived less than paycheck to paycheck. The fact was that it was my own fault. I knew how to balance a checkbook, I just choose not to. Which leads me to raise a giant bull-shit flag on this article.

It may be true that banks charge exorbitant fees. They do! That’s why I now have only credit union accounts and a PayPal account. When you have a Credit Union account, you are one of the owners of the bank. I still will get charged for writing bad checks so I don’t write bad checks. It is pretty simple.

Now here is some financial advice from me to you. Walk into your bank today and do what I did to Bank of America 10 years ago. Close your account. Take your meager $15 and put it in your pocket. Find a Credit Union and put $5 dollars in to join and the rest in for good luck.

The following article touts the overdraft fee as the culprit but that is one of many.  Another one is getting charged for having a checking account when you do not have direct deposit. Don’t fall for that.

Finally no matter how you bank stop blaming the financial institution for your decisions. Sometimes you will screw up. Just do what I have done.

No kidding, there I was… I had anticipated my direct deposit to go in on Wednesday. I scheduled 6 transactions for Thursday, but I forgot that I made a PayPal Business Debit purchase  for $3. Guess what? I was $1.53 short. My credit union charged me $25 x 6. My wife was the first to get the good news.

I said, to her that I would take care of it. It was not a wise idea to play so close with our finances but I played the game and got burned. Now I play with a ledger that I track weeks and up to a month (GnuCash) ahead but that’s another story. Anyway, I took my sorry ass to our credit union and spoke to the branch president. My transaction of direct deposit had gone in exactly after my 6 withdraws.

The branch president waved her magic wand and immediately the fees were deposited back into my account. I asked if I could give her a hug. She said yes.

Get to know who you deposit your money with. Stop blaming them for your mistakes. If they are too big to deal with, then get a credit union. Own your financial situation.

A response to http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/19/your-bank-should-be-more-like-your-waiter-and-less-like-your-landlord/

Chesterfield County is not Pedestrian Friendly

Spider in Richmond
Spider in Richmond

So there I was in Richmond, Virginia or the outskirts. A place were hotels run free and the pedestrian might as well go Lyft or Ubber himself. Yes, I’m talking about Chesterfield County. Like I ended up there for some work. I was in a pretty decent hotel in a place called Arboretum. Yes there were trees there. It’s kind of like Kings Mill, but with more hills.

A 24 hour Gold’s Gym was right around the corner, but it was closed. Wow! No big deal, but the big question I had to ask is, “Where are the sidewalks?” There were none. And when I say none, I mean that the roads were landscaped to the edge of traffic. Never had I been in such a pedestrian averted place. Why? I don’t know. All I have to say is that it was a shame.


I understand that it costs money to make sidewalks. The question I want to have answered is: “How much money does it cost to have foot traffic not coming to your local businesses, churches and car dealerships?

There is an opportunity for some enterprising concrete contractor here. Plenty-o-sidewalks to be made.

The view is nice. Let’s make it people friendly too.